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About Us

Our Approach - Alignment of Interests


I started CCL Search LLC because I believed that the traditional search model had become broken, that a firm specialized and solely focused on the recruitment of financial officers would support a better, business model that could provide better service to clients. Better alignment than the big firms yet the ability to compete with industry-specific firms because finance talent is fungible across industries and we have the knowledge and reach where the industry-specific firms do not.


Our Focus - Solely Financial Officers


CCL will continue to focus on improving the performance of our clients’ businesses by winning the War for Talent in the recruitment of great financial officers.   The world has become more specialized, yet the big search firms are driven to create broader offerings and to spread their resources thinner, volume drives them, they have a need to cover substantial overhead and are not always perfectly aligned with the best interests of their clients. Enter CCL Search. We are a specialized boutique search firm that specializes in the recruitment of financial officers.   We offer large-company capabilities and best practices but with the focus that only a small company can provide you. 

The key to our client service is our seamless integration of deep functional expertise with great execution of traditional retained search firm’s best practices but focused more sharply on a limited number of engagements. CCL Search is different from the major global firms, and we believe offers the client a better option in recruiting the top financial talent for their company.  We have tangible competitive advantages that lead clients to trust their financial officer human capital needs to CCL Search.

Expertise - We Understand Finance


As a former CFO and Sr. Financial Officer for an Academy Company I have a deep knowledge of the functional side of finance.

Large-scale changes in the requirements and role of the Chief Financial Officer have become commonplace over the last 50 years.  Chief Financial Officers were once the bookkeepers of the organization.  Dealmakers were once in vogue as CFOs helped to transform companies and industries during periods of industry consolidation and the building of conglomerates.  During the 90’s, Financial Officers got more involved in strategy and financial engineering as companies looked to take great risks for greater returns.  With the passage of SOX 404, companies looked to recruit CFOs with Big 4 backgrounds and wanted their CFOs to be “super controllers”. Now, companies are changing their focus again.  Companies want a CFO who can help drive operating results and better cash flow – we are back to CFOs being the lead in the quest to create sustainable shareholder value. 

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