What Makes us Different



We only recruit financial officers, giving us deep market knowledge.  We are in the same general market each day, and we are known by the candidate pool that you want.  The big firms cover many sectors and offer many different products and services and increasingly looking to add new lines of business that don't improve the performances of your searches.

Who is leading your search


Your search is executed by a former CFO and ex-partner of a premier global search firm. We do not utilize a leverage model. While that model might improve our overall profitability, it will not improve interaction with your candidate pool or make your search go faster or allow you to hire the best talent. Searches at the big firms are typically executed by mid-level generalists, and the reliance on researchers with headsets to provide leverage is required if you want your best recruiters focused on new business and not search execution.


Access & Conflicts


The idea that the big firms have more access just is not correct. We get our calls returned because we have fewer conflicts, are known in the marketplace and have a background that makes us like our candidates – we look like them, and that encourages return interaction. We have a deep network of financial executives, which we can reach without conflict or constraint. The big firms have traditional off-limit lists that are long and driven by searches outside of finance. Also, they have internal conflicts that result in multiple consultants chasing the same pool of financial officers and putting a subset of them off-limits to you because of other searches. The math becomes compelling in our favor regarding conflicts.



We limit our execution to only 2 or 3 searches at any one time to provide focus  At the big firms, the executor of searches works on 5-10 on-going assignments.  Your search benefits from our full attention from engagement through placement.


We believe in transparency and do not choose between clients.  We do not take on searches that directly compete.  Our placements are off-limits to us for the entire time they work for you.  The big firms are changing the rules on this and might come back and recruit their own placement in 2 to 5 years.



We charge fixed fees and do not include any admin or overhead charges The big firms model of 1/3 cash compensation is flawed, and they add admin or overhead charges. If you fall in love with a candidate and you have to pay more compensation than the cost of your search goes up. We believe in the alignment of interest between the client and search firm and therefore use a fixed fee to help drive that.